La Cimbali S30 S10 TurboSteam Milk4 Cold Touch



The S30 S10 offers an unparalleled, user-friendly experience for making espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. Drink customization is endless—and easy—with a 10.4” inch display for programming.  24 pre-programmed drink selections also available.


  • Daily production: 200 cups of coffee, 190 cappuccinos and 29 liters of hot water

  • Two grinder-dosers featuring titanium-coated, high-performance grinding burrs

  •  Perfect Grinding System constantly monitors coffee extraction and adjusts the grind and dose automatically

  • Two 2.6 pound hoppers for coffee

  • One 2.2 pound hopper for hot chocolate

  • 0.7 liter stainless steel water boiler

  •  1.25 liter stainless steel coffee boiler

  • Patented Smart Boiler technology increases steam and hot-water capacity by 30%. Insulation reduces heat loss for daily energy savings of 23%.

  •  Turbo Steam Milk4 Cold Touch steam wand prevents injury and is easy to clean

  • Hot-water wand with dosed delivery

  • 10.4” graphic display can be customized to display images of drinks, screensaver, etc.

  • Bidirectional Wi-Fi system lets you remotely update software, adjust recipes, download data and personalize interface images. Can also be done via the built-in USB port
  • Automatic Washing System (AWS) cleans the machine deeply and efficiently at the touch of a button


  • Motorized coffee spout that allows you to set specific positions for pre-programmed drinks


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